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Ciflink is cloud software suite for managing your business

Streamline your business processes, get results

Whether it is easier attendance monitoring and payroll processing, accurate purchasing, optimum inventory, efficient manufacturing, quality process that target zero defects and on time order fulfillment

Ciflink software is your partner to make it happen




  • Maintain employee records including salaries, designations, skill sets and personal details.
  • Payroll calculation takes into account attendance for various shifts and accurately calculates regular attendance, OT, loss of Pay (late start, early leave, excess break, leave beyond the prescribed limits), paid leave, deductions like ESI, PF, PPF, Professional Tax, TDS etc., deductions against advance/loans given to employees
  • Integrates with time entry systems like biometric fingerprint readers, card readers or even manual entries.
  • The attendance can be monitored and the payroll can be prepared by spending less than ten minutes of a HR staff every working day.



  • The purchasing module supports all phases of material management, material planning and control, purchasing, goods receiving, inventory management and invoice verification.
  • The purchase module communicates with other modules to ensure a constant flow of information.
  • Maintains list of suppliers and their price lists which can be used while creating Purchase Orders(PO)
  • Create and get purchase orders approved.
  • POs can be printed and saved in PDF format.
  • Create and print a PO within 2 mins



  • Inventory management involves creating a purchasing plan that will ensure that items are available when they are needed (but that neither too much nor too little is purchased) and keeping track of existing inventory and its use.
  • Two common inventory-management strategies are the just-in-time method, where companies plan to receive items as they are needed rather than maintaining high inventory levels, and materials requirement planning, which schedules material deliveries.
  • Total Stock Report by location, item, as of date
  • Lot Level Stock Report by location, item, as of date
  • Track the stock by received and produced lots
  • Get Stock Transactions report listing all transactions by date, item, for any period



  • Create Work Orders for production and track the stage wise status as the production processes are completed.
  • Issue Materials for work orders
  • Track production efficiencies and quality metrics that will help in identifying problems so that you can take corrective action
  • Generate OEE (Operating Equipment Efficiency Report)
  • Get Yield Reports to compare estimate with actual yields
  • Maintain records of regular maintenance of machines



  • Enter Customer Orders and track fulfilment of the orders
  • Maintain price lists
  • Generate Sales Reports
  • Generate Invoices for sales



  • Maintain test equipment and their calibration records
  • Get Alerts for calibrations that are due
  • Enter Test Reports
  • Get Defect Reports to help in performing defect analysis
  • Get Statistical Quality Analysis Reports for identifying process problems and comply with Customer requirements

Sub Contracting


  • Create Job Orders for subcontractors
  • Track materials at Subcontractor location
  • Track status of job orders until completion

Project and Task Management


  • Helps you to organize, assign and prioritize tasks using color codes, all from a central place.
  • Allows you to set goals and milestones and keep track of deliverables and manage deadlines
  • Breaks down complex projects into many, related or dependent tasks.
  • Eliminates the need to remember all tasks and makes you more productive by sending timely reminders.
  • Integrates all work to assure a quality project for the clients at reduced cost